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Welcome to Pauline Street
Graffiti Vandalism

Epicenter Pauline Street
Gang Turf Dispute
1st Stage Latino Gang War in Anaheim

Pauline & Tramps Lined Out by Travelers
Puchas 187 (Tagger Name, Police Code for Homicide)
Travelers Warning Rivals are Potential Homicide Victims Predicts:
60% a Travelers Gangster could be 1st Casualty

CS (Citron Street) street-gang
Crossed Out TC (Travelers City) street-gang

TCLM x 3
Travelers City Los Malos x 3
M is also 13th letter of alphabet
when gang name is seen with x 3,
tag means affiliated with and taxed by Mexican Mafia

CST3 (Citron Street x 3)
Lined Out V.TC x3 (Barrio.Travelers City x 3)
Travelers City is largest street-gang in Anaheim

Los Malditos Fabrica
tagging in Pauline Territory

(M is short for for malditos in Spanish
which translates to condemned in English)

La Fabrica street-gang is from
E La Palma Ave, N. Olive St, E. Julianna St, N Patt St
where Mr. Packaging Vice President
Daniel Rowlett
was stabbed an excessively cruel number of times to death
by a La Fabrica gangbanger

S O is tagger name belonging to ARK tagging crew
on red curb in Pauline Territory

Yucks x AR Krew

Yucks is name of tagger
(called a "toy" because tagging is amateurish)

x means belongs to AR Krew
AR Krew is a new crew - origin unknown
(we refer to ARK as Alota Retarded Kids!)

AR Krew in red
tagged over in black by rival crew DTAK
(Down Town Anaheim Krew)

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