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Gangbanging Graffiti Vandal Updates
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Juan "Lilman" Garcia Sandoval
California non-compliant AK-47

Pope Francis Calls Drug Traffickers
"Merchants of Death"
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Cheap Rates for Gangbangers
One-Way to Victorville!
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Eastside Drug Trafficker Manuel Angel Diaz Flaunting Illegal Firearm

Luis "Can't Stop This" Nava
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City Council
Public Comments

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Pauline Street "Evil Ones"
Transnational Terrorist Gang
Read all about it!
Gangs Control Parks
Motel Kids Can't Play
Watch Video!
Travelers' Drug Dealer
at Little People's Park
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Clip from HBO documentary film aired on CNN Motel Kids

My name is Stalker!

Celin, do you like my Hello Kitty pink blanket?!

Yes, Stalker, I like your Hello Kitty pink blanket!

Stalker, Monkey here, your Hello Kitty pink blanket sucks!

My name is ESe Chango!

Me llamo Celin!

The Spirit of Daniel Rowlett will guide Anaheim
in removal of street-gang terrorists
and preservation of civil order!

Mr. Packaging Vice President Daniel Rowlett
stabbed excessively cruel number of times
with knife and robbed of wallet in truck
by gangbanger whose stomping grounds included
Anna Drive, Pauline Street and Julianna Avenue
July 4th, 2012

Hi Corie!

Hi Amber!

"You are a HORRIBLE mother!"
"You had a gangbanger child who brought a gun to Anaheim High School!"
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Our most critical moment in history is now.
We must firmly unite with our police department.
We must back the Anaheim Police Association with our full support.

We must without compromise protect our police officer's right to defend
against the overwhelming domination of violent gangbangers
and culpable parents who litter Anaheim with tears for sons who stomp on us.

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